●● Training to improve literacy, to gain or remain in employment

This service focuses on clients who want to learn new skills or improve on their existing skills. It provides the necessary skills required to be literate, to gain or remain in employment.

We offer the following services: –

● Numeracy skills acquisition (Certificate issued)
● Computer literacy (Certificate issued)
● Writing and reading (Certificate issued)
● Work ethics
● Conflict resolution
● Stress management
● C.V write ups
● Interviewing coaching
● Job searches

●● Group Classes

Our trainings are delivered jointly, for clients with similar learning goals. This allows for classroom interaction and discussions. The trainer ensures even participation from attendees through a question and answer process. Training materials to suit individual needs are also provided, to enhance our users learning experience e.g. pictures, handouts and graphics where necessary.

●● One to One Classes

Due to the varying needs of people with disability, we know that some individuals would function better in a one to one environment. Our highly trained course administer ensures that such individuals are supported holistically, taking into account their needs or requirements. Learning aids, like pictures and graphics are used to enhance learning experience.

●● Accreditation

Our numeracy, computer literacy, writing and reading classes come with certification upon completion. We offer these trainings at the foundation and next level (level one). Individuals that have successfully completed the foundation can progress to level one for further learning. Both our foundation and level one trainees are issued with certification on completion.

At enrolment, trainees are divided into classes based on their needs and level of comprehension.

●● Life skills training

We are aware of the challenges faced by people with disabilities with day to day living. Therefore, our Life Skills Training, focuses on empowerment and confidence building including the rights of people with disability, as protected by law.

The training we provide includes

● Living independently and keeping individuals safe in their homes
● Keeping self-safe when out and about in the community
● Keeping self-safe when out and about in the community
● How to report concerns
● Understanding and managing money

We also provide detailed information about statutory and voluntary agencies e.g. MENCAP (who provide support for people with disabilities).

●● Work Placement

Whilst acquiring the skills necessary to gain employment, it is important for people with disabilities, who are not currently employed, to gain insight of what a work environment is like. In view of this, we have an agreement with various businesses and agencies that have agreed to offer work placement to our service users.
We also provide in-house work placement (where individuals who work with us, gain work experience in the process).

Our partners include London Academy & Recruitment Centre, Grand Willows Limited, The Forward Project and we work extensively with the Job Centre Plus to support individuals get back into work.

We have a detailed work placement plan drawn up with employers with contributions from clients with the sole aim of achieving amongst others the following: –

● Develop and improve confidence
● Develop and improve inter personal skills
● Develop and improve skills necessary to gain employment
● Gain practical experience in a work environment
● Problem solving and analytical skills development
● Cultural awareness
● Other skills required to work with others
● Improve on skills and knowledge acquired from our trainings e.g. be more proficient with using the computer