Whilst there are similar organisations to ours, LRDC stands out, because of the bespoke services we offer and our staff’s unique expertise in working with people with disabilities. We support individuals’ choices and our primary objective is to empower people to live independently in the community.

We are strategically located in Stratford, London with good transport network from Essex. Our services are open to anyone and not restricted to people living in London or Stratford.

Yes, we can. We have helped many to be gainfully employed through the services we render e.g. skills improvement, C.V writing and interview coaching.

We offer both classroom and one to one trainings. If one to on support is required, we are happy to provide this level of support in a classroom or designated learning environment.

At LDRC we assess your abilities and capabilities to give us an insight into what you need. We provide bespoke services and can tailor our training to meet your requirements or needs.

Training for people with disabilities is the same as delivering training to people without disabilities. We are aware, that people with disabilities sometimes require additional support to improve their learning experience.

Thus, we have trainers who have a wealth of experience within the educational system, who have worked with various range of students with varying needs. This experience would be deployed to help achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

People have varying needs and sometimes have support network in place. Your support worker is welcome to attend sessions with you to help improve your experience at our LDRC

We have complied strictly with the provision of the The Equality Act of 2010 therefore, our facilities are user friendly. We have a fully working disabled lift and toilet. Our classrooms are also structured to allow easy accessibility.

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